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William Christenberry. Kodachromes  William Christenberry. Kodachromes Christenberry W.
Although best known for his large-format color photographs made with vintage Kodak Brownie cameras, William Christenberry has also consistently produced work with 35 mm Kodachrome slide film since he

TypoLyrics. The Sound of Fonts  TypoLyrics. The Sound of Fonts
Graphic designers love music. This is attested not least by the tremendous enthusiasm that readers of the typography magazine Slanted bring to its "Typo Lyrics" column, in which designers in

JPG 2. Japan Graphics  JPG 2. Japan Graphics Tomoko Sakamoto
The follow-up to international bestseller Japan Graphics, JPG2 examines changes in Japanese graphic design. Instead of 'more copies, higher resolution, to a wider audience', there is a great

Sensation  Sensation
The opening of the Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy in the late 1990s caused a public furore and a media frenzy, with both broadsheet and tabloid journalists falling over themselves to commen

Raghu Rai's Delhi  Raghu Rai's Delhi Dalrymple W.
Raghu Rai is India's most famous and most lauded photographer. Here, he lends his creative genius to capturing the changing face of Delhi, the place of his birth and India's capital city, ov

Recent Waterscapes  Recent Waterscapes Dreiseit H.
After decades of being banished from residential areas, water is now becoming an increasingly significant feature in urban design. Whether it is the integration of natural water courses into the built

Open | Close: Windows, Doors, Gates, Loggias, Filters  Open | Close: Windows, Doors, Gates, Loggias, Filters Reichel A.
The new Scale series provides practical tools for architects and students of architecture. Each volume analyses the construction process from the first design idea to the call for bids, covering the f

New Graphical Symbols for Many More  New Graphical Symbols for Many More
Some international symbols — like the male and female figures on restrooms — are so ubiquitous it's easyto forget that they were actually new at one time, and that someone actually designed them.

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