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Наш магазин представляет собой рубрикатор книг, в котором каждый пользователь модет выбрать себе книгу по вкусу на заданную тему

The Wheels on the Bus  The Wheels on the Bus Willamson Melanie
Journey to Guatemala on an exciting bus ride from a village to a market town with this jaunty, fresh approach to a favourite song.
Barefoot USA

The Tortoise's Gift: A Story from Zambia  The Tortoise's Gift: A Story from Zambia Don Lari
One hot, dry summer in Zambia, the rain stops falling. Soon, the animals are very hungry and thirsty. How can they recover? They have heard of a wonderful tree that can produce fruit, but it will only
Barefoot USA

The Princess and the White Bear King  The Princess and the White Bear King Batt Tanya Robyn
Written by professional storyteller Tanya Batt and illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli, this adaption of three classic European faery tales follows a young princess on a breathtaking adventure to the mag
Barefoot USA

The Prince's Breakfast  The Prince's Breakfast Oppenheim Joanne
A distraught king and queen take their fussy prince on a global adventure in search of foods that he will eat. With jaunty, rhyming story CD narrated by Hugh Bonneville! PICKY EATERS: Perfect for fami
Barefoot USA

Outdoor Opposites  Outdoor Opposites Williams Brenda
This colorful camping singalong encourages physical participation as children learn how to do opposite actions.
Barefoot USA

Los Tres Chivitos Gruff  Los Tres Chivitos Gruff Finch Mary
The three billy goats gruff are hungry for the sweet green grass on the other side of the stream. To get there, they must pass the big hairy troll who lives underneath the bridge and wants to eat them
Barefoot USA

The Farmyard Jamboree (+ Audio CD)  The Farmyard Jamboree (+ Audio CD) Margaret Read MacDonald
Sing and dance along with a young boy who introduces different members of his family along with a new farmyard animal and animal baby on every page of this rollicking early learner, inspired by a Chil
Barefoot USA

El Nabo Gigante  El Nabo Gigante Tolstoy Aleksei
When an old man and woman decide to harvest their garden, a gigantic turnip won't budge. This hilarious tale features simple text perfect for reading aloud. Quirky, full-color illustrations provi
Barefoot USA

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